Rowdy Creek String Band


This site is a tune library for an amateur group whose members include musicians from the coastal counties of Curry and Del Norte which straddle the California-Oregon border. The group's performance name is the Rowdy Creek String Band. The webpage name of Younkers Creek refers to the private residence situated above the creek where the group first convened. All tunes and audio files are for the non-commercial use by the group's members.

Rehearsals are held every Thursday, 10-12 am at the Chetco Community Library in Brookings. These are open rehearsals and all acoustic string players are welcome.

Instructions: following each tune title there are clickable links for the each tune's sheet music (JPG, PDF, or BMP) followed by links -- if any -- for audio (mp3 or midi), if available.

Please Note: While many of us belong to the Old Time Fiddlers the purpose of our group is to become proficient at playing a set number of tunes. While we will play other tunes that guests may request, please keep in mind that this is a rehearsal and not an OOTF-style jam session.

Also, group members who wish to introduce a new tune are expected to be able to play it well before introducing it to the group AND need to bring a sufficient number of photocopies to share with the group.


  • Believe me if all those endearing young charms JPG
  • Buffalo Gals JPG
  • Cold Frosty Morning JPG
  • Coleraine JPG
  • Echoes of the Ozarks PDF
  • Flower of the Flock JPG
  • Forever Young Waltz JPG
  • Girl I Left Behind Me JPG
  • J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte JPG
  • Jump at the Sun JPG
  • Kitchen Girl JPG
  • La Partida JPG
  • La Promenade JPG
  • Le Tourment JPG
  • Maiden's Prayer JPG
  • Riddell Fiddles set JPG
  • Scotland the Brave JPG


  • Angeline the Baker PDF MP3
  • Ashokan Farewell PDF
  • la Bastringue JPG
  • Bear Mountain Rag JPG
  • Big Sciota PDF MP3
  • Blackberry Blossom JPG
  • Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine & Retreat(see medleys)
  • Colored Aristocracy JPG
  • Cripple Creek PDF1 PDF2 MP3
  • Fisher's Hornpipe 2-Part JPG
  • Flowers of Edinburgh JPG
  • Glades JPG
  • Golden Slippers (see Medleys)
  • Jenny Lind Polka JPG JPG easier MP3
  • John Ryans Contra Mix JPG
  • Jolie Blonde JPG1 JPG2
  • June Apple (see Medleys)
  • Liberty (see Medleys)
  • Over the Waterfall PDF MP3
  • Pig Ankle Rag BMP
  • Planxty Hewlett JPG JPG revised chords MP3
  • Petronella JPG MP3
  • Planxty Irwin JPG
  • Ragtime Annie JPG
  • Red Haired Boy (see Medleys)
  • Redwing (see Medleys)
  • Sail Away Ladies 1b JPG
  • Sailor's Hornpipe JPG
  • St. Anne's Reel (see medleys)
  • Saut du lapin JPG
  • Shady Grove JPG
  • Seneca Square Dance JPG MP3
  • Soldiers Joy (also see Medleys) PDF MP3
  • Villi Ruusu (Wild Roses) JPG
  • Waterbound JPG
  • Westphalia Waltz JPG MP3
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast JPG MIDI


    Soldiers Joy -- Liberty -- St. Anne's Reel
         Soldiers Joy and Liberty JPG
         St. Anne's Reel JPG
    The Bonapartes
         Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine JPG
         Bonaparte's Retreat PDF MP3
    Golden Slippers -- Redwing
         Golden Slippers JPG MP3
         Redwing PDF MP3
    Red Haired Boy -- June Apple
         Red Haired Boy PDF MP3
         June Apple PDF MP3


  • ( updated: 04.30.2024 )



  • Astrid Valse JPG MP4
  • Baerendans / the Wren JPG MP3
  • Billy in the Lowground JPG*
  • Devil's Dream JPG
  • Fisher's Hornpipe 3-Part PDF* MP3* MP3 slow*
  • John Ryan's Polka JPG
  • Lady Mary Hayes (2 pages) JPG pg1 JPG pg2
  • Manchurian Waltz JPG
  • Metsakukkia JPG
  • Morpeth Rant JPG
  • Mountain House JPG
  • My Darling Asleep JPG
  • Shove that pigs foot PDF MP3
  • New Camptown Races JPG* MP3* MP3 (slow)*
  • Steciaks JPG
  • Old Joe Clark PDF MP3
  • Sueno de una Munequita JPG
  • Russ' Rag JPG
  • Tunturisatu JPG
  • Turkey in the Straw JPG PDF
  • Ukraynishe Kolomeyke JPG


    * Used by permission: Pete Martin


  • Baerendans / the Wren JPG MP3
  • Horace Hanesworth / Paddy on a Handcar JPG MP3
  • Soldiers Joy / Shove that Pigs Foot JPG MP3
  • Westphalia Waltz JPG MP3